How do I book a flight at Sabi Omakase?

Reservations are obtained through our website 

The details for this are available on our Booking page. 

We release available seats on the 1st of each month at 12:00PM CET, two months ahead of the desired booking.


Can I make a reservation without booking ahead?

No, unfortunately not. Reservations are linked with our booking system, so you cannot make a reservation without booking online.


Is there a waiting list if I am unable to make a reservation?

You can always send an email to check the availability


How do I receive my reservation confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation by email. This will confirm the date, time, duration and numbers for seats of your reservation.


How do I pay for my booking?

Payment for your booking is made at the Sabi Omakase. 

When booking we will ask you for a credit or debit card number to secure your reservation.

 This is a service via our payment agent Stripe.

Methods of payment are regulated by Stripe.

You will not be charged when booking, but the service charge will be drawn if there is any changes to the booking within 72 hours. 


Can I make a table reservation at Sabi Omakase?

No – we are sorry but that is not possible, at Sabi Omakase all guests are seated around our sushi bar with 10 seats.


What is the cancellation policy?

We do understand that cancellations due to illness may occur. 

To cancel your reservation please follow the link provided in your confirmation

or inform us as soon as possible at,

or call us 0047 456 85 022 Tuesday to Friday 13:00-16:00.

If the cancellation occurs less than 72 hours the amount will be charged of 1500 NOK per person.


What are the opening and closing times of the Restaurant?

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, except for bank holidays.

Our Flight start at 18:30 and the doors are open until 18:45.

You will be seated approximately 3,5 hours, buy you will have the possibility to stay until 23:00 if you want a bottle or two more of wine.


Is it possible to have a drink at Sabi Omakase before the dinner starts?

No, unfortunately not, but if you are a bit early, we would like to recommend you our sister restaurant Sabi Sushi Vika, please tell your waiter that you will be dining at Sabi Omakase. 


Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code at Sabi Omakase.


How much does the dinner cost?

The Omakase menu is pre-ordered for 2500 NOK per person (including VAT), food only, 

beverages and extras are in addition to this.


Do you have an alternative menu?

No, the chef decides your menu for the evening.


What will it cost to eat at Sabi Omakase potentially?

The seasonal set menu is 2500 NOK per person, 

in addition you may choose our wine pairing - 1650 NOK, the sake pairing - 1250 NOK, or the alcohol-free juice pairing - 750 NOK. 

You can also choose a beverage from our wine list. (see our front page)


Do you have a service charge?

No, but it is possible to leave a tip if you like.


How can I pay my final bill?

You can pay your final bill with Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Unionpay or Vipps. We do not accept cash or DinnersClub.


Can I get a refund or credit against my final bill, if I or any of my guests cannot attend on the day?

No, we are afraid not, once your have issued for a number of diners, this cannot be changed.


How long will you be seated at Sabi Omakase?

The dining experience takes approximately 3,5 hours.


Are children allowed?

We welcome children over the age of 10 years old as long as they behave in a normal manner.


Do you have a children’s menu?

No. We have one menu decided by our headchef.


Is there a different price for children?

No, we’re afraid there is no reduced price for children. 


Do you have access for wheelchairs & bathroom facilities for wheelchair users?

Yes, we have step-free access for wheelchairs at Sabi Omakase, and bathroom facilities. 

The elevator is located on the 1st floor, close to the main staircase and ¨Valentes¨, and Omakase is on the second floor of Vikaterassen.


 Are there car-parking facilities?

Yes, we offer our guests two hours free parking in the q-park of ¨Vikaterrassen¨. Please bring your parking ticket to the Sabi Omakase for validation. You can park the car in the carpark of ¨Vikaterassen¨ and then take the elevator to the second floor directly to Omakase.


If I am allergic to fish or shellfish, can I eat at Sabi Omakase?

No, unfortunately not.


If I am allergic or need a diet, can I eat at Sabi Omakase?

If the dietary requirements dictate comprehensive changes in the menu that will result in a compromise of standards we unfortunately might not be able to accommodate your request.