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At Sabi Omakase Oslo we offer our guests a unique dining experience consisting of a seasonal set menu centered on Japanese Edomae Sushi technique. The Edomae style sushi was invented almost two centuries ago in Tokyo. The name itself consist of "Edo", a former name for present-day Tokyo, and "mae", which means nearby or local.
A mere 31 years young, finalist of Nordic Sushi Cup 2020 and accredited by AJSA “All Japan Sushi Association”, Airis Zapa is leading Sabi Omakase Oslo as Head Chef and General Manager. With 13 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, he shares his focused passion and knowledge to offer you an exceptional sushi experience. Omakase means “Chef's choice” and Chef Airis Zapa and his team seeks to sustain the Edomae technique traditions by using only the finest ingredients available, mainly from Nordic countries, combined with Tokyo cuisine- "Normae sushi".
Our intimate restaurant has a maximum of ten seats around the counter, ensuring a special kind of atmosphere combined with modern Japanese design, giving you an authentic feeling.

The Omakase experience consists of our seasonal Omakase menu and some surprises. The food is combined with a unique beverage menu selected by our highly competent sommeliers. If you prefer to decide on beverage pairing yourself, we have an extensive list to choose from with beverages from all over the world.

Warm welcome from
the team at Sabi Omakase Oslo! 
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