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GUEST CHEF: Endo Norihito (Tokyo, Japan)

Chef Endo's journey to becoming a celebrated sushi chef is as unique as it is inspiring. Though his father was a sushi chef, Endo initially left Japan to pursue college in the U.K. and train as a professional footballer. This time abroad gave him a fresh perspective on his own culture and deepened his appreciation for Japanese food traditions.

Returning to Japan, Endo trained under the renowned chef Takashi Saito at the three Michelin-starred Sushi Saito in Tokyo. This prestigious training laid a strong foundation for Endo's culinary career.

After his training, Endo opened his own restaurant, Ebisu Endo, which quickly became one of Japan's top sushi destinations. Known for his unique take on classics like eel, sea bream, tuna, and squid, Endo is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional sushi.

"Learning history is important, but following in the exact footsteps of my predecessors is a waste of time," says Endo. "We can find answers by looking back in history, but we must forge our own paths."

With experience at top-class restaurants like Sushi Mizutani in Ginza and Sushi Saito, Endo has built a successful career and an invaluable network of supporters, helping him craft his own distinctive culinary style.

Join us as we welcome Chef Endo to our restaurant, where he will bring his innovative approach and masterful techniques to our kitchen.


  • Tuesday, August 27th & Wednesday, August 28th

Seating Times

  • First Seating: 17:00 - 19:30

  • Second Seating: 20:00 - 22:30


  • Seasonal set menu: 3950 NOK per guest​

Please note that usual beverage pairings will not be available for this event. Our full wine list will be available by the bottle, and a selection of beverages will be available by the glass.

Reservations for this event will be released on July 8th at 12:00 pm CET (midday).

Please be advised of our Cancellation Policy for this event:

Should you need to cancel, change your reservation date, or decrease the number of guests. Cancellations must be made at least 5 days prior to the reservation date.

Please note failure to cancel or make any changes within the specified cancellation window, a Cancellation Fee of 3950 NOK per guest may be charged.

Kindly be aware that arriving more than 15 minutes past the reservation time will be considered a no-show, and entry into the restaurant will not be possible thereafter.

Ruseløkkveien 3, 2nd floor 
0251 Oslo




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Tel: +47 456 85 022


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Please be advised that our phone line will be closed from July 21st to August 25th during the holidays. We will be responding to emails sporadically during this period.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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